One of the Best Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Spider veins are tiny wispy clusters of blood vessels that you can see on the surface of your skin. They are most commonly found in the legs, though they may also occur in the face, feet, buttocks, or other regions. Spider veins can lead to crippling social anxiety and lack of confidence. Furthermore, spider veins are often symptomatic of underlying vein disease as well, which can lead to other complications like varicose veins, profuse bleeding, leg ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis. In this article, we discuss what is one of the best treatment for spider veins on legs.

What Causes Spider Veins in the Legs?

Spider veins are caused by an underlying disorder called chronic venous insufficiency. This is a condition in which the vein valves malfunction, which leads to blood reflux, causing blood to pool around the legs. Generally, the valves prevent blood from flowing back down, counteracting the force of gravity. However, when the valves malfunction, gravity pulls blood down to the lower legs. That’s why blood accumulates in leg veins, leading to the formation of spider veins in the legs.

One of the Best Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Historically, spider veins and vein disease could only be treated through complex surgical procedures that had a low success rate of only 85% and had a high risk of complications like infections, allergies, and deep vein thrombosis — a medical condition in which blood clots form inside the veins. However, thanks to modern medicine, we now have access to a number of minimally invasive treatments that cure spider veins and the underlying vein disease with minimal pain and discomfort and with a negligible risk of side effects.

Radiofrequency Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Radiofrequency for treatment for spider veins on legs entails the use of thermal energy — directed via a catheter tube — to irritate and eventually destroy the diseased saphenous vein causing spider veins. Once the diseased vein is destroyed, the accumulated blood can flow to healthier veins, thereby restoring proper blood circulation.

Endovenous Laser Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Endovenous laser treatment for spider veins on legs entails the use of laser energy — after application of tumescent anesthesia along the length of the saphenous vein — to destroy the diseased vein and restore blood circulation to the heart.

VenaSeal Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

VenaSeal treatment for spider veins on legs entails the use of a medical adhesive or vein glue to fuse the walls of the vein together, which, in essence, shuts them down. The accumulated blood redirects to healthier veins and the diseased vein eventually hardens and reabsorbs into the body.

Sclerotherapy Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

Sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins on legs is a minimally invasive procedure that can only cure the surface spider veins and not the underlying vein disease. During this procedure, a medicine called sclerosant is injected into the surface spider veins to fuse the vein walls together and close them down. The spider veins harden and gradually disappear over a period of two to three weeks. This procedure is often used in combination with one of the aforementioned procedures to remove the surface spider veins after the root cause has been treated.

Advantages of Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Spider Veins in the Legs

The following are some of the prime advantages of minimally invasive treatment options for spider veins in the legs:

  • Minimally invasive and nonsurgical in nature.
  • In-office procedures that finish within an hour.
  • Negligible risk of side effects and other complications.
  • Treat the underlying vein disease permanently.
  • No recovery downtime so you can resume daily activities immediately.

FAQs About Treatment for Spider Veins on Legs

What are varicose veins? Is it curable?

Varicose veins are large rope-like knots of twisted blood vessels protruding from the surface of the skin. They are caused by underlying vein disease and they are completely curable with minimally invasive procedures.

H3. What is the treatment for varicose veins?

Some of the best treatments for varicose veins are radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, and venaseal.

How to get prepared for varicose veins therapy?

In order to prepare for varicose veins therapy, you should stop consuming non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and vitamins at least a week before the treatment. You should also get fitted for custom compression stockings because you’ll need to wear them after the treatment.

How to get rid of visible veins on my legs?

You can get rid of visible veins on your legs through minimally invasive vein treatments like sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, venaseal, and endovenous laser ablation. However, only your vein doctor can recommend which of these is well-suited to you based on your condition.

What are some of the best treatments for spider veins?

One of the best treatment for spider veins without underlying vein disease is sclerotherapy. Some of the best treatments for spider veins caused by vein disease are radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, and venaseal.S

How does the spider vein removal work?

For spider vein removal, you need to first consult your vein doctor. He or she will study your condition and run a Doppler Ultrasound test to determine if your spider veins are caused by underlying vein disease. Based on the diagnosis, the vein doctor will curate a treatment plan for spider vein removal.

One of the Best Spider Vein Treatment Center — Medical Center In Montrose

Sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, laser ablation, and venaseal are all effective treatments for spider veins on legs. However, you need to visit a reputable vein doctor to determine which of them is most suitable for your specific needs with the least potential for side effects. At Vein Treatment Clinic Houston, we run a series of tests and thoroughly examine your symptoms and medical history to curate the perfect treatment plan. If you want to treat spider veins on legs, schedule an appointment today.