What Can I Expect from My Sclerotherapy in Houston?

January 27, 2021

What can I expect from my sclerotherapy in Houston?

Sclerotherapy is a fairly simple and straightforward treatment that concludes within 30 minutes and doesn’t involve any pain or downtime. It’s often called a “lunchtime” procedure because patients can ostensibly seek treatment during their work lunch break and then return to work with time to spare. Below, we’ll provide a step-by-step overview of what you can expect from a reliable sclerotherapy treatment in Houston.

The following are the steps involved in your sclerotherapy treatment.

  1. Personal Consultation: The vein doctor will carefully examine your leg veins, including your varicose veins or spider veins. Besides studying the spider veins, they’ll determine if you exhibit other signs of vein disease, such as restless leg syndrome and leg heaviness.
  2. Vascular Imaging: The vein doctor will run advanced vascular imaging tests to visualize the direction of blood flow in your leg veins, identifying underlying venous insufficiency, i.e., the medical condition responsible for most vein problems.
  3. Treatment Plan: The vein doctor will discuss your vein treatment options based on your diagnosis, cosmetic goals, medical history, and insurance coverage.
  4. Primary Treatment: If you have underlying vein disease, the vein doctor will use various methods to treat the underlying saphenous vein. The possible methodologies include radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser ablation, and VenaSeal.
  5. Sclerotherapy: The vein doctor will only recommend sclerotherapy if you don’t have underlying vein disease or after the primary vein treatment. Sclerotherapy treatment involves injecting a sclerosant solution into the spider veins to turn them into scar tissues eventually absorbed by the body. Over time, the scar tissues fade away from the surface of the skin.
  6. Recovery: The entire vein treatment process should conclude within 30 minutes with no downtime. You can resume your daily activities immediately, but you’ll have to wear compression stockings for a few weeks.

There are, of course, some medical spas that skip the first four steps and jump right into sclerotherapy the moment they identify your spider veins. However, you should generally favor medical centers that provide comprehensive treatment and perform the necessary diagnostic tests. Treating varicose or spider veins without addressing the root cause can lead to a recurrence.

Vein Treatment Clinic Houston is widely considered one of the best vein centers for sclerotherapy because of our comprehensive approach. You can find our vein clinic in Uptown Houston, a short drive from the popular Galleria shopping mall. For more information, please schedule an appointment with our vein doctors today.

Who are the ideal candidates for sclerotherapy treatment?

The ideal candidates for sclerotherapy treatment are patients with spider veins. You can identify spider veins as the dense network of blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin. While they’re highly visible and ugly, they don’t bulge out of the skin. However, the ideal sclerotherapy candidate shouldn’t have underlying venous insufficiency, as evidenced via vascular imaging tests.

If you have vein disease, you should seek treatment for the underlying condition before seeking sclerotherapy. Treating varicose or spider veins without addressing the root cause of the problem is like painting over a mossy wall instead of fixing the broken pipes underneath. The spider veins will eventually return unless you address the “broken” or damaged vein underneath.

And that’s why diagnostic tests play a crucial role in vein treatments. They help you understand if you need medical treatments for underlying vein disease or a simple sclerotherapy treatment.

Your sclerotherapy session in Houston will start with a personal consultation with a vein doctor. This article provides a detailed overview of sclerotherapy treatments.

What are my other vein treatment options?

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is the ideal vein treatment for patients suffering from underlying venous insufficiency. The vein doctor creates an incision on the skin’s surface to insert a catheter that delivers thermal energy into the diseased saphenous vein. The heat energy makes the diseased vein shut down, rerouting the accumulated blood into healthier veins. This procedure is also minimally invasive and concludes within an hour. It’s also covered by most insurance plans.

Endovenous Laser Ablation

Endovenous laser ablation is yet another suitable treatment for patients with underlying vein disease. The vein doctor makes an incision on the surface of the skin to insert a laser fiber that delivers laser energy into the problematic vein. The laser energy makes the diseased vein seal shut, sending the accumulated blood into healthier veins. The procedure is minimally invasive, non-surgical, and concludes within an hour with no downtime. It’s covered by most insurance plans.


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VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure that involves using medical adhesives to close the diseased vein. The vein doctor injects a medical-grade adhesive into the diseased vein to seal its walls. The accumulated blood flows into healthier veins to restore smooth blood circulation. Over time, the diseased vein is metabolized by the body. It’s completely safe and painless, but it’s not yet covered by all insurance plans because it has only recently received FDA approval.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

​Ambulatory phlebectomy is a cosmetic procedure, just like sclerotherapy. However, this treatment treats the superficial varicose veins on the surface of the skin instead of the spider veins. The vein doctor creates numerous small incisions on the skin’s surface to physically extract the small varicose veins. The incision marks gradually heal and fade away, restoring optimal cosmetic beauty to your legs.

The only way to know whether you need sclerotherapy treatment or another vein treatment is to consult a reputable vein doctor. Please schedule an appointment with our vein doctors to discuss your vein treatment options today.

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